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Country Clinic opened the doors of its new 'Diagnostic Center'

Assisting International Patients

Clínica del Country has a special office with enough resources to provide the best available care to our foreign patients:

  • Bilingual Doctor coordinator
  • Reference and counter reference office, open 24 hours a day and assisted by chief bilingual nurses.
  • Customer Service Office
  • Bilingual hospital and specialist doctors, with specific timetables assigned to provide assistance to international patients in ICU’s, Hospitalization, ER and the cancer center.

Services provided by the International Patients’ Office include:

  • Logistic coordination to receive patients at the Clinica.
  • Contact and setting appointments with specialists, and for diagnostic or theraupetic services.
  • Assistance in establishing communcation channels with specialist at the Clinica.
  • Translation services, advisory and support during stay of the patient at the Clínica.
  • Periodic clinical summaries in English, in real time and when patient leaves the hospital premises.
  • Availability through the Coordination of International Agreements of hospitality services for patients.